Next month on the 13th to 17th organized by the Singapore Fashion Week, invited to the "New York Fashion Queen" Diane von Furstenberg (Diane von Furstenberg), British designer Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham), American-born Thai design Ta Kuen Real Customer Reviews division · Pa Nike Goer (Thakoon Panichgul), are all fashion heady figures. They not only offered to local consumers boutique big show, but also to conduct classes in Singapore designers, design students and is open to the Art Institute. Moreover, the public can buy tickets to watch a dozen games boutique show. Li Huijing admitted that "name" is very important, not only on behalf of the Singapore Fashion Week fashion world-class platform, but also a symbol of the face of a new form of thinking Singapore Fashion Design: "This is done in order to Singapore designers and brand taken a more international perspective. "Li Huijing have a strong ambition, in her view, Singapore passed to watch the stage, at the moment must be subtle, more seriously local fashion design," in the past year will be sponsoring new designers do special show, but after a special show? I want to fashion week, the designer is not only about local good works, but also to their good works to the international Recommend. "this is not empty talk, Singapore fashion week and the Association of fashion designers of America ( council of Fashion designers of America) cooperation, the prospects for local designers tried to open a new chapter. In 1987, it had a smash hit, appeared on countless hard tennis court. 27 years later, he once again returns, ready for a more difficult challenge. LACOSTE designed for the street to create a new LS.12 footwear, while maintaining a consistent exceptional performance, look at the appearance of the new upgrade LS.12 footwear brand in the tradition of history at the same time, using the original design loyal to retain the classic concept of thick soles to ensure durable while, make you feel comfortable. The perforated and solid-colored calfskin sheepskin sewn together well, specially with asphalt born Thick soles, making it combines comfort and elegance in a legendary shoes, the shape of the city has become the choice for this season. According to the British "Financial Times" reported that the world's three largest spirits and wine group, the Paris-based Pernod Ricard (Pernod Ricard) disclosed last Thursday, the second half of 2014, the company's wine and spirits in China's same-store sales fell 6%. Affected by this news, its shares closed down more than 4%. For Pernod Ricard brands, the new Chinese economy drive undertaken simply too cruel. Smaller and more focused brandy manufacturer Remy Cointreau (Rémy Cointreau) is even more so. Chinese market is now open only to Remy Cointreau 10-20% profits. Two years ago, this proportion is as high as 40%. Remy Martin and Pernod Ricard race changed product mix. Remy Martin is promoting 1738, which is the flagship product in the mid-range brandy bottle priced at about US $ 113 (S $ 153). Pernod Ricard also launched Chinese middle-income groups affordable brandy brands such as Martell Liming Shi (Martell Noblige), which is a mid-range brandy, the price is $ 75, and the classic XO cognac price is 150 dollars. According to Liang Jingli Taiyuan Timex Shoppes sales department said, in previous years, New Year's Day and Spring Festival selling international brands, sales this year have declined, men's brand fell refrain some brand business almost halved. Salesman Miss Li said, before a suit can only buy during the holiday season to send a belt, a sweater now Zaijia Song also still will buy, "a suit two or three million yuan (RMB, about S $ 4000-6000 ), and except for rich people to wear, it is to wear people do not spend money, do not spend money now people do not dare to wear the. " According to Shanxi Province Commission for Discipline Inspection of CPC statistics, in 2014 in Shanxi Province has 10,000 more than 5,000 officials for disciplinary violations to be treated, which department officials 45, the level of officials 545. Many of them have a luxury brand loyal "fans."