What brand to become acquisition targets you do? The new chairman Xia: ELLASSAY time being no specific requirements for the acquisition of a number of brands, but we will have to continue to look for potential fashion brands, whether international or domestic brands we acquired the brand in line with the first brand to have enough influence in the market. Prom Gowns Online Sale second, it should be some accumulation operations;; the last one is force its sales performance to be good because the only way plus ELLASSAY to strong combination, we do not want to acquire a declining brand fashion headlines. network: after the completion of the acquisition, how to operate Laurèl such a "foreign" brand in the mainland, what is before ELLASSAY first question is? The new chairman Xia: In practical terms, Laurèl brand many years of accumulation, it is not capable of doing one or two days, we will aid Laurèl brand and operational advantage for the brand in terms of design, Laurèl brand design itself. it is also very good very good, but because Laurèl is a German brand, its design is designed for the European market. for example, Laurèl designer clothes, the overall length will be designed to be longer because the Europeans figure comparison high, which is not suitable for Cheap Mermaid Prom Dresses us Asians, helped. so we will ELLASSAY Laurèl brand for the Chinese market to adjust clothing type version, but will keep the brand design. at the same time there is a link in the production of manufacturing in fact by manufacturing in China, our production is more rapid sophisticated, these are our new chairman of an important basis for cooperation summer country: for the overseas market, we will be the next layout, but this thing is not to hurry expand, we will look for the right opportunity, because now, the overseas market is also not very prosperous, but this thing open up overseas markets to a brand and brand promotion in the international influence is of great help, so we will actively and steadily expand our strategic cooperation with Laurèl brand let us have some opportunities, but also can be used as a testing ground for fashion headlines network: industry comments into fashion retail slump this year, how do you think of the store with the balance of electricity supplier ELLASSAY how the layout? The new chairman Xia: the electricity supplier for the store impact does exist, but apart from that we analyze, for the low-end brands, the electricity supplier to store the pressure is relatively large, from the data perspective, line of low-end brand development is really quite fast, but Cheap Prom Dresses high-end brands online sales growth is relatively slow, especially in the first half of this year, online sales of high-end brand is declining. we can be found, although the electricity suppliers to the impact of the store is relatively large, but the high-end brand, its impact is not so great. but I think the brand should actively treat the electricity supplier, because we can make good use of this platform electricity supplier, we took song force think, we are all good Lynx, the only product will also Jingdong sales situations.