Impression more profound 13 years in Thailand as a wedding makeup, found a return ticket to the travel agency is wrong. When she arrived at the airport with the assistant, the plane has taken off, and the next day the wedding in Wuzhen not delay. Turning several times, eventually returning to Shanghai without a rush to stay Wuzhen. Later she said:. "Imprudent because only such a result now in retrospect, the one thing you want to do better, multi-dimensional consideration is the key." Fifteen years, she has focused in their own little world , has a lot Long Prom Dresses UK of amazing creative work, for the creation and loneliness she has its own unique understanding:. "creation are often lonely, quiet solitude can make the whole world, so that their independent thinking," she said: "only you really like your job, will find peace in investment in handy, it will not feel the pressure. "perceptual and rational also has its own profound insights. She has repeatedly told me about Jonathan Lee that field "Sense and Sensibility" concert in the micro-blog, she writes: "Sense and Sensibility is a way of looking at the world and produced bittersweet feelings." Talk in detail, she had to share the "invisible beauty," a book a little story with us, talking about a European artist to draw up the most beautiful dress flying angle, he repeated measurements several times with math. Queen explained to us: "This is Mermaid Prom Dresses UK a rational expression when the art of painting to the top of the time, but with a more rational thinking is not a good reason to think that people are no longer carefree, but people. when growing, the most painful time every time growth transformation. "at work, Queen want to be able to create beautiful designer with customers. She aesthetically exhibited talent resonate with guests on a variety of aesthetically produced, for her to win more respect. These continue to be honed talent in life and work, increasingly play a role. After cell reservoirs, she will stop to observe the fish body ink pattern, marveling at the black powder in the water presents a unique mix of classical ink style. When not busy working, she would see a lot of fashion magazines home and abroad, improve their style, taste and aesthetic. Home furnishings no Cheap Evening Dresses television, she would have time to read a book, make-up, and occasionally the content of the sexes, which runs through the book, in order to think about the guests temperament, their custom look. Sometimes look at fashion magazines, across the pages of the artist's aesthetic resonate. She said: "There is also painful when any are creating a new kind of perception, abstract artists can be felt, not suitable for a conventional aesthetic to judge, the public aesthetic is to be accepted after the abstract into concrete ., but it looks more abstract aesthetic advanced "famous wedding ceremony Daewoo said:" Queen is a great spirit and ingenuity of the human feelings makeup artist, willing to put their best efforts to achieve the ultimate professional "vary, customization. makeup. The bride under her makeup look, you will find that every has its own unique beauty. She said: "Everyone for something different, to draw the first to know this man belonged to her aura.