André Leon Talley said in an interview after the game, "Teatum Jones works clearly express their original ideas, but also have romantic clothing, they do a lot of research and development in the wool fabric, I believe that the consumer can easily they know how to ask for clothes expression. "Thakoon Panichgul evaluation Teatum Jones called innovative works using natural wool material through modern techniques performance, hit the color design and create double-sided wool processing 3D effects are very impressive. the competition from six different regions of the world more than 70 designers selected to participate in the game, women's finalists also include designer (Asia) J KOO, (Australia) Bianca Spender, (Europe) Nanna Van Blaaderen, (India and the Middle East) Taller Marmo and (US) Tanya Taylor.Teatum Jones will receive 10 million Australian dollars (about RMB 460,000) reward, while the brand series of fashion competition will have the opportunity to sell the world's major retailers, including, Japan's Isetan Mitsukoshi department Store, Australia David Jones, New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, South Korea's Boon the Shop, United Kingdom Harvey Nichols, as well as Arab Boutique 1 Verso.Rihanna Belgian women's collection since served as creative director of Puma brand and brand image Ambassador for Puma bring no small impact, after assuming office the announcement of negative news about Puma gradually diminishes, brand popularity rebounded, performance has begun to grow. then Puma women's business, especially in the first footwear brand in 2015 Third quarter turnover made an outstanding contribution, Rihanna Cheap Prom Dresses x Puma Creeper series of more in sale sold out in just three hours, causing the crowd looting situation, so Puma once again become the focus of the trend. the personal views Rihanna Fenty x Puma brand series big show by the Sun Feifei, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid and other supermodel interpretation .Rihanna jointly design the whole process involved in the series, made from the creative think up design details, the series sports high heels, stockings and straps transparent text design is very interesting eyeball. also in the show floor can be seen Rihanna's intentions and its penetration of personal charm, from the model's hair to makeup vocal scene, lighting and furnishings are very hip-hop cool feeling. and, as always, as a social network icon of Rihanna will show the size of no extravagant publish in their personal Facebook account page in advance for a big show for the potential, creative director + spokesman done very dedicated place. German sporting goods company Adidas said that according to its 2015 in better-than-expected sales and profit development, and look forward to brand this year in currency-neutral basis, the sales to have double-digit growth, the first version of the bulletin released on Tuesday showed that the last year, Adidas from continuing operations net income increased by 12 percentage points up to 72 Cheap Prom Dresses 2016 million euros, or about $ 79.9 million.