The world's largest fashion buyers shop business platform Farfetch, we have done several reports. Founded in 2008 in the UK, in recent years the rapid growth in 2015 to reach $ 1 billion valuation. In 2014, sales of this site as much as $ 300 million, while access to more than 90% annual growth rate, Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Horton Cheap Prom Dresses 2016 also said 2016 sales expected to grow from $ 500 million in 2015 to grow to $ 800 million .

Along with this growth, Farfetch original design headquarters in London is no longer able to fully present the brand image. You know, all aspects of a headquarters, stores, and other web design for fashion brands to enhance the brand value and attractiveness are too important. So Studiofibre to design a new headquarters, office space and contains a collection of personal shopping, entertainment areas, etc.

Studiofibre side said that the design of which was inspired by the Farfetch convey to online users worldwide and has a unique type of style, the overall rendering minimalist, retro feel, exposed concrete and ceiling elements of industrial, indoor multi-use marble, wood and other materials. In a variety of space, Farfetch of DNA are interwoven in the design details, the official logo for instance fonts inspired cut a corner table, marble countertops; a large area used wood and rich texture of its surface, simulation "pixel" feeling.

Space all kinds of custom-made furniture, in addition to reference to "cutaway" design above, slicing thin strips of wood furniture such as composition, modeled on the sheet stitching sofas are everywhere.

After all Farfetch involved are mostly high-end fashion content, this is by means of a careful combination of the luxury materials and modern technology to reflect. For example, wanted to have a giant Prom Gowns Online Sale "pixel" carved screens, shelving and real-time video playback omnichannel wall.

It is reported that the overall design of the program will also apply to Farfetch New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai office design, complete unified global business space exists, the online Farfetch feeling to reality. It is worth mentioning that, Studiofibre design company was also in the 2010, 2012, respectively, to complete the luxury electric provider Net-A-Porter headquarters in London and Manhattan office design.