If skin is oily, make sure you select the oil control ability of the foundation, or mixed skin clean and crush should use moisturize. Third, the bride makeup makeup makeup the focus, if the eye makeup to create the color, charm will shoot the bride up. Want more big eyes, eyeliner more God can choose to modify it, and then use eye shadow to create a sense of three-dimensional and deep eyes, earth-colored eye shadow most able to build such an effect, but also very suitable for Asian skin, sisters You may wish to try. White wedding dress with a suit has become a classic style shoot a wedding, the bride's dress on match we have introduced a lot, today to focus on services for the groom. Want to have a beautiful picture effect, the United States is absolutely not only the bride and groom but also brilliant, today we have the details of the dress, to talk about the groom wedding photographs What color shirt. First, a little color to be pure. Husband who is about to become, for a loved one hold up one day, must reflect the sense of mature and stable, but also because of this do not choose something too fancy shirt, so will not appear officially, and even some frivolous, some flowers shirt , do not even think, unless sportsman model can wear it flavor, whereas only fall a laughing stock. Second, a little color elements. Elegant elegant, sometimes plain it is elegant, simple and is a popular fashion nowadays. In addition to elegance and simplicity is reflected in the first point outside the solid color, but also a concrete manifestation of the color. Groom best color shirt with a clean white color, pink, blue, light blue as the first choice, will have a specific color, and the groom's temperament depends. Third, to match the color and complexion. The bride's wedding dress to choose the right color on the basis of skin color, Vintage Prom Dresses the groom is no exception. If your skin more white, any color is manageable, but this color is rare in boys; if it is sexy bronzed skin, almost is not to pick the color; the color is blackish buddies, they have to avoid open black, dark gray, dark color. Fourth, the color you want to ride with the overall phase. Although the details determine success or failure, but if the details can not be a perfect fit with the overall, it is a failure. Groom and dress shirt to color and shape of the bride want to match, giving the overall aesthetic harmony is successful, it must bear in mind. Wedding photographs What color shirt, in general, white, pink, light blue is more common, but also more secure choice, if you really do not know how to choose, try a few on top of classic colors. Almost every day, shooting wedding couple, filming a project www.promdresses2016.us.com has become an indispensable process. With respect to the location shooting, the spring and early summer and autumn are the most suitable, relatively lush flowers and trees, temperatures are more suitable. So, winter wedding location can shoot it? Let's look at a simple analysis. Snowy world is another round of beauty, such a view to be taken as a background, the effect is naturally not too bad. But, winter wedding summer filming a lot of trouble, just the cold wind is enough to make than new people have suffered terribly. So, ready to winter filming wedding couple, we must pay attention to the following points: First, early prevention drink some cold medicines. Dry and cold weather in autumn and winter, before the new preparation on location, it is best to drink some cold Banlangen against drugs, mug shot that day remember to bring Prom Dresses 2016 one to resist the cold, two drink some hot water will be more comfortable. Second, put a big down jacket, the long, wide, when not taken in time to wear warm.