Summer season is the best time to shoot lavender wedding, but shot lavender theme wedding dress with the bride and Vintage Prom Dresses design all have a certain degree of difficulty. In this set of wedding, the bride wearing a lavender Bra wedding, naturally fluffy hair, with a sweet smile, snowdrift skirt, feels like a lavender Smart Wizard. Lavender is the home of the French romantic, so it has an innate romantic, especially for girls who love full of longing, it is endless longing. Each girl longing for love and hope that their loved one can leave the most precious memories in a purple lavender flowers in, it will be some of the most beautiful the most romantic thing. Therefore, more and more young people choose lavender farm shooting romantic wedding in this fantastic environment to record their best love. The bride wore a flowing black dress, creating a glamorous and noble feeling, while the groom is the incarnation of Dracula cold, holding a status symbol Mermaid Prom Dresses UK scepter. To cope with the vampire theme eerie feeling glamorous, this group of wedding using a relatively gloomy colors, but the couple we were wearing black clothing, bring a mysterious and glamorous atmosphere of the large dark feeling. Vampires, and this corresponds to our zombie horror species, through the interpretation of a variety of film and television work, so that they form a bloodthirsty terrorist cruel but noble glamorous, mysterious and elegant complex image. Some time ago the hit movie "Twilight", the handsome vampire actor is seeking to attract a girl's heart. Vampire sharp teeth iconic, blue eyes and superior ability, have become irresistible nirvana, so many girls want to have the ability to have both a handsome vampire boyfriend. But in reality, vampires do not exist, if there is, then perhaps they would not be like we thought as elegant, if you want to have a vampire boyfriend, then take as the bride, as the aid in the form of the wedding to meet their own a small desire to be right! into the cold winter, the annual Christmas on far away. With the influence of Western culture to China, Christmas get more attention in the young population which, even more than the importance of many of our traditional festivals. On Christmas day, the streets are covered with colored lights, shopping malls are stocked with dolphin covered with small gifts Christmas tree, in the lively streets, solicitous of men and women with a red Christmas hat, celebrating this happy holiday. If you're going to a wedding in the winter, you may wish to take a group Christmas theme wedding, so also red Christmas festive holiday atmosphere and flavor for your wedding. Today for everyone to bring a Christmas themed wedding appreciation, but want to make a Christmas theme for the wedding couple may wish to learn about Christmas wedding with the skills it! Shoot Christmas themed wedding in clothing with respect, of course, for the full Christmas theme, the bride can choose chiffon dress and cute Christmas decorative element embellishment at the waist or skirt tail and other places, so not only can the Christmas theme wedding and very natural combination, but also feel strong Christmas atmosphere . In the design, we should note that in the photographer's guidance, put bright side position, while the photographer can take advantage of lighting effects, capture every romantic moment under the newcomers. If you are shooting in snowy Christmas theme wedding, the atmosphere will be more enthusiastic. In the familiar Christmas songs melody, wearing a wedding dress with a Christmas flavor, looking under the Christmas atmosphere enveloped the city, feeling the mutual blessing between people, new people will sincerely feel an inner joy and happiness.