In April this year, Caleb RAI also invited to Shanghai Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 in the "see around corners" course taught more about the design expertise for the wedding people. Wedding design, Caleb RAI like unrestrained imagination, just as he had when he joined think this is a great play space industry, in this field, he can countries of different cultures collide and blend; can introduce different architectural aesthetics countries adopt some tough large architectural elements; can also be in the form of innovation, a wedding will be accomplishing an art exhibition hall. "Once in a less than 20 tables on a small wedding, the bride is a fashion designer and model, on her wedding is full of sense of design, which contains many elements of a planar structure, although much pomp, but very warm, it was a most unlikely wedding wedding, because I designed it to become an art exhibition hall. " More often, Caleb RAI's work brings a strong visual impact, he was adept at the art of aesthetics used in different lines of the entire wedding design; will usually also different cultural elements in a more novel form throughout the wedding itself. "There was done a fashion Chinese style wedding, the bride is a native of Wenzhou girl groom grew up in the Netherlands, is a Hong Kong people, they want a special Chinese wedding." This Caleb RAI is also facing new challenges, had grown up outside of his understanding of Chinese culture is not very deep, only to Chinese culture through various media and Marriage to understand, combined with the new context, eventually he decided to use a hybrid of Chinese and Western wedding, but in many places into the fashion element. "That wedding with Chinese festive red color, with Western-style wedding white; Cheap Prom Dresses Online the entire line and space floral design and the use of some of the uses I have learned Chinese and Western elements married send dowry customs, then will be installed. dowry boxes made of transparent acrylic material with color, however avoid monotony in the box posted double happiness Chinese word most traditional elements, giving the feel and stylish yet Chinese flavor; space design, use of joking brokered elements, we put a large group of home-made red hanging in the room, divided into strands, each connected to a different direction, meaning the divine in. "Caleb RAI given like wedding more imagination, for the individual, he prefers the outdoors wedding, "If he got married, in a small stream, the park, even in the museum held no problems, eat what is not important, friends and family can deeply feel the good atmosphere and the wedding is the most important involved . " Caleb RAI eclectic creative work with his faith and daily life are inseparable, "I am a Christian, the works are a lot of things from my understanding of religion, the Bible spoke of the beginning ' God created men and women are the most pure love story ', but at the wedding, staged many such stories. "in addition to the religious inspiration to bring Caleb RAI, Pisces he also used to sit quietly in a cafe afternoon, my mind constantly flashed a lot of imagination. Caleb RAI has a large conference hall on the Hill, he would usually stay there to see a sky full of stars, do not let your mind emptying boundaries.