According to the Financial Times news, mysterious investor already holds nearly 5% stake in Burberry. 5% is Prom Dresses 2016 a red line, holding more than once this figure must be publicly disclosed. Generally, shareholders will also be more than 5% after the proposed public takeover offer, but Burberry has not yet received any information about the shareholders.

Previously, Burberry has asked its stake custodian bank HSBC to identify the person holding the above, but was rejected HSBC. HSBC disclosed February 11 about the mysterious person holding matters referred to more than 5% stake, followed by March 4, said the proportion of the person's stake below 5%, holding a total of Burberry 1292 Wan share.

CNBC representation, Burberry fear behind these stocks may be aggressive investors. Especially Burberry rival LVMH Group, but may also be private equity investors.

The so-called activist investor, namely those without the target company board of directors to allow the case regardless of whether the consent of the other, the acquisition activities carried out. They generally will be gobbled up shares of a listed company, then come up with some reason to require the company to make acquisitions, spin-offs, reorganization of senior management, changes in the operating principles, or dismiss large numbers of workers, and make a profit.

Macquarie analyst's Daniele Gianera said, because Burberry did not involve the interests of the family, it is relatively easy to become a takeover target brand. If you initiate New Prom Gowns acquisition, Burberry's valuation will reach 80 billion pounds, 17 pounds per share.

"Financial Times" said that now Burberry launched a takeover bid is a good opportunity. Because the company relies on the Chinese consumer - market share in mainland China share up to 25%, accounting for 10% of Hong Kong - Hong Kong because of anti-corruption policies and weak sales and other facts have hurt. In the past year, Burberry's shares continued to fall by 27%. But in the past two months this year have continued to soar (evident from the figure), up 6.8% yesterday. In January this year, Burberry posted fourth-quarter financial report. Retail revenue was £ 603 million, a real increase of 1%. Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey and chief executive officer, said the market environment severe than expected, Burberry's strategy is Cheap Prom Dresses Online to promote growth and "cost control" and that the company's performance "by the Hong Kong and Macau contrarian dragged down."

Previously, we have just reported the Burberry flagship store in Wenzhou closed, which is a result of cost control measures to shut shop. Late last year, Burberry's also the original three product lines were combined into a single brand Burberry, and in the near future, such as layoffs, canceled half of the catwalk, and joined the ranks of per-view that is to buy in order to get more sales.

Currently, Burberry has applied for British investment bank Robey Warshaw financial advisor to help prevent any possible hostile takeover, the company's broker Morgan Stanley was also invited to the investigation.