Grew up in the fashion industry, sports jackets and suits that are very attractive. Also from leisure suits and find a balance, whether it suits take a denim shirt or a blazer with Common Projects sneakers. "3." For anyone who wants to succeed in the fashion industry, I would say you have to keep innate curiosity Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 while maintaining tolerance, hard work.

Although the "love what you do." It sounds cliche, but when you enjoy a day of work, indulge in your day to day things to do, it's too happy.

There is takes time to learn, I began to work together as a camera assistant and Jim Moore, I spent three years observing him at work every day to do all the things - how to work with photographers, modeling how to do, how to model working ...... this day on the job is like a master class, I learned from him so much, such as men's, fabrics, designers, style, art and design, and so on all relevant. There Annie Leibovitz, she taught me about clothing and naturalism, Prom Dresses 2016 I like to read two different graduate degrees. So, take the time to learn, the top man at the same time would like to learn the best. "A lot of fashion media tried to analyze China, such a perspective tend to have some interesting things born. Remember last year's Met Gala in New York Metropolitan Museum's" waffles "dress skirt it? Not long ago, we reported that piles of luxury in order to cater to the Chinese consumer brand designed to Monkey single product.

But sometimes, it is not so exaggerated - actually bring a little barren life flash, that will make people stop and smile two seconds of fun.

Andria Lo photographer and writer Valerie Luu just fascinated.

"There are many mornings, I sat Réveille cafe, remember diary, sometimes to see people get off on one occasion, I noticed an old lady wearing a bright green sneakers, above some sense 80s small spots, it looks young and fresh. "every day on the observation that there are a good number, but that green sneakers women, who are particularly destined and Luu. They met a few months later, Luu know a woman named Man Ta. The project initially only a small article, posted on a community website, happened to be seen by the Chinatown Community Development Center (Chinatown Community Development Center, CCDC) of Cathie Lam, then there is this called "beauty Chinatown" (Chinatown Pretty ) photographic project.