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Young people seem to make lifestyle changes to the original wedding will design

Le 29 mars 2016, 08:55 dans Humeurs 0

If you go to browse the electricity supplier's page, you can see a Prom Dresses 2016 variety of retro products, ModCloth focus on business as well as its community. Initially this community in the form of hanging on the blog home page, no two days will be updated a subject matter to discuss the scope of the new design to the lifestyle, as well as consumption retro lovers sun new clothes, each post can attract some people to discuss, or praise. Now, this form of community also introduced Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest sharing features. This is why ModCloth do before the wedding, in Instagram collect a lot of posts marked #MarriedInModCloth label, know a lot of people love retro fashion wedding ideas and expectations.

"These posts really give us a lot of inspiration for our designers and tailors working on this series, they also want to give or not to change the color of the wedding, or let the sleeves a little longer." Nicole Haase ModCloth vice president .

In order to do this wedding series promotion, ModCloth will do it five flash stores in the United States. In addition to doing wedding, ModCloth also hope to sell the way to sell Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 surrounding the wedding, such as reception service, wedding rehearsal clothes. And popular fashion brands, like ideas, ModCloth cheap wedding probably spotted the young people to pursue "simple" of the heart.

According to the Wall Street Journal reported that more and more young people prefer simple wedding, such as beach wedding. The wedding design change from the grand, traditional dress to a more everyday, more casual style. At the same time, people are willing to spend money on a wedding is also reduced. 2007 Americans each wedding spending an average of $ 28,000, while in 2009 it dropped to $ 19,000.

Young people seem to make lifestyle changes to the original wedding will design principles. To know the beginning, the wedding was not actually a lifetime a woman wearing a skirt. Marriage, women often do not choose white wedding dress, pink and blue is their favorite, so you can make the wedding dress in everyday life after repeated wear. For working class women, their favorite wedding colors are black.

About this history wedding, then we can talk about. If an ordinary glass plant in this state is not viable. Two of them used a conductive coated glass, is currently patent pending.

The so-called coated glass, coated glass surface is metal, alloy or metal compound thin film to change the optical properties of the glass, to meet certain requirements. The conductive film glass already exist, people in the conductive thin film surface is coated with indium tin oxide glass, etc., can often be used for heating the glass, defrosting, defogging, and as a liquid crystal display and the like.

Andria Lo photographer and writer Valerie Luu just fascinated

Le 29 mars 2016, 07:52 dans Humeurs 0

Grew up in the fashion industry, sports jackets and suits that are very attractive. Also from leisure suits and find a balance, whether it suits take a denim shirt or a blazer with Common Projects sneakers. "3." For anyone who wants to succeed in the fashion industry, I would say you have to keep innate curiosity Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 while maintaining tolerance, hard work.

Although the "love what you do." It sounds cliche, but when you enjoy a day of work, indulge in your day to day things to do, it's too happy.

There is takes time to learn, I began to work together as a camera assistant and Jim Moore, I spent three years observing him at work every day to do all the things - how to work with photographers, modeling how to do, how to model working ...... this day on the job is like a master class, I learned from him so much, such as men's, fabrics, designers, style, art and design, and so on all relevant. There Annie Leibovitz, she taught me about clothing and naturalism, Prom Dresses 2016 I like to read two different graduate degrees. So, take the time to learn, the top man at the same time would like to learn the best. "A lot of fashion media tried to analyze China, such a perspective tend to have some interesting things born. Remember last year's Met Gala in New York Metropolitan Museum's" waffles "dress skirt it? Not long ago, we reported that piles of luxury in order to cater to the Chinese consumer brand designed to Monkey single product.

But sometimes, it is not so exaggerated - actually bring a little barren life flash, that will make people stop and smile two seconds of fun.

Andria Lo photographer and writer Valerie Luu just fascinated.

"There are many mornings, I sat Réveille cafe, remember diary, sometimes to see people get off on one occasion, I noticed an old lady wearing a bright green sneakers, above some sense 80s small spots, it looks young and fresh. "every day on the observation that there are a good number, but that green sneakers women, who are particularly destined and Luu. They met a few months later, Luu know a woman named Man Ta. The project initially only a small article, posted on a community website, happened to be seen by the Chinatown Community Development Center (Chinatown Community Development Center, CCDC) of Cathie Lam, then there is this called "beauty Chinatown" (Chinatown Pretty ) photographic project.

Push one product replacement behind the hand was actually Princess Charlotte

Le 29 mars 2016, 07:23 dans Humeurs 0

When had Cheap Prom Dresses 2016 finished after a fashion season, Inter Milan, that recently completed renovation of the Gucci store was crazy fashion editors plundered an empty, and seems to show the front half of the dress comes from Mr. Michel debut: either kangaroo fur wearing his indoor slippers or wearing his green suit and dark red flowers. (When the "Bazaar" editor Glenda Bailey and bloggers Bryanboy wearing the same clothes printing, you will know for sure what happened.) A brand can be so caught the imagination of the fashion crowd and wallet, which has a lot of in not happened before. Wearing Zac Posen and Versace bustier dress after Caitlin Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner) quickly became a symbol of fashion figure, and her old retro glamor and fashion are two pages views have launched a new debate, the "feminine" what it means. At the same time, New Prom Dresses Taraji Henson (Taraji P. Henson) will dominate the small screen and the red carpet, her breakthrough role was "Empire" (Empire) in the Cookie Lyon, in the play, the character unabashedly embraced the "advanced shiny" style (can refer Moschino, Versace and Tom Ford and other brands). And outside the screen, the actress showing it belonged to her own low-key and slightly cool street style. Held in September on the Emmy Awards, she wore Wang Daren designed metal chain strap dress stunning the audience, had been enacted before the awards won.

Push one product replacement behind the hand was actually Princess Charlotte. As the newest member of the British royal family, her influence on the fashion industry cents less than his mother and brother. The latest photo printing little princess girls dress led the Spanish brand M & H's stock, as her brother, Prince George, then let Rachel Riley climb Petit Bateau overalls and loaded all sell the same stock. Runner-up Maria Obama (Malia Obama) is proof that not only Disney star to lead the trend of young people. St. West (Saint West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's son) be far behind? In Vetements, Telfar these brands and the Public School boys and girls in the T station and closet are mixed together, the boundaries between male and female clothing seems increasingly meaningless. After all, fashion is a projection of society, and we are in the era of free sex. Why not all consumers can wear this clothes? This is outside the fashion world is also reflected: Pantone released the 2016 "Annual Fashion Color" is a dual color - rose quartz and quiet blue color. Pink gradually mix into the blue, and vice versa.

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